Leveling The Playing Field

(Thanks to Teddy Prentis)

Two friends were discussing their favorite outdoor sports, golf vs. croquet. 

The golfer explained, “I can play 18 holes in less than 4 hours.”

The croquet player said, “It only takes 75 minutes, or less, to play croquet.” 

“I have 12 clubs in my bag so I can make all kinds of shots,” the golfer said.

I own one mallet but I carry a bag of tricks in my head that lets me make all the shots I need.” 

“Well,  O.K.” the golfer said, “I’ll take up croquet when I can’t walk 18 holes anymore.

The croquet player thought for a moment and replied, “My good friend, I’ll take up golf when I can’t think anymore.”

The truth is Croquet players do play golf and golfers usually do very well at Croquet.  They are not mutually exclusive sports. Everyone, young and old... men and women can play Croquet equally well, and together at the same time.


Croquet offers a level playing field to everyone... in more ways than one!


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